What’s the value in table top games in the age of digital media?

We've got streaming services with endless hours of high budget media, we've got podcasts, e-books, youtube, twitter, facebook and ... pinterest. We've got reddit, and truck load of video games coming out every week. We've got online shopping for literally any market and everyone's always partially tethered to their smart phone. So why play table [...]


How dow we design Bleed into games mindfully?

This is by all means not authoritative but an important discussion to have, so we're going to have it anyway. "how do we design bleed into games mindfully?" There has been much discussion on the adverse things that could happen when engaging in TTRPG and LARP. This is the reason safety mechanics such as x [...]

Their Love Destroyed this Land Playthru

game link: https://temporalhiccup.itch.io/their-love-destroyed-our-land twitter link of this playthru: https://twitter.com/wanwuslibrary/status/1137184497445695488 This is Our Story of Tragedy Once upon a time, in this land we made, we Gods watched and did nothing. THE MAG E charmed us when they traveled to our land, trailing magic and miracles in their wake. THE KING awed us and convinced the [...]

SOME GAME JAMS (for your tasting)

These are all for theoretical consumption. THIS IS A GAME. So have fun and explore some concepts with me. 1. #DeathJam Ever wanted to write shinagami who must fetch reluctant souls? How about a dead serious game about unexpected loss? How about a Coco hack that creates an entire lore around ancestor worship and interfacing [...]

What I really talk about when I talk about #Sword Dreaming

GIANT ASS DISCLAIMER. I'm new. I don't understand (entirely) "OSR" so you have the chance here to: to see your community from the outside looking inget a vastly different viewpoint aka fresh meatmy version of sword dream. This is my sword dream, that I want to share. It is not what other sword dreams have [...]

How Games Teach? oyea?

GAMEZ TIMEEEE Match class into PAIRS, and play arm wrestling while lying on the floorSplit the class into two and take turns (1) making a human barricade (1) making a human battering ram. At the signal go, you have 30 counts to try to hold your fort or break the opponent's wall. Switch roles.Have the [...]

Cut to the C❀️re: on loaded questions

Questions are at the heart of any conversation, dialogue and exchange. It's literally the only kind of sentence that really solicits an answer from another person and has incredible power of FOCUS. Questions are at the heart of so many games but let's take some examples from life... A "what do you do for a [...]

Hi, this is Sword Prince!

Hi this is Sword Prince And this is my long winded post to introduce myself and why I'm so flabbergastered by indie TTRPG games. I talk about Art, Folk art and Social dance and how Games are revolutionary.