This is a blog about my LARP: read it here: https://mariabumby.itch.io/the-good-the-bad-and-the-uncanny I want to talk about revelations. I want to talk about contemplating retroactively life and going like - oh I had no idea it would turn out that way. How the hell does any of this even work? I want to talk about magic [...]

Names we donโ€™t speak of..

A game for those who left you was written hypothetically, to be given freely!! In a gamedev con I joined in manila. And the question I asked myself as I making the game was: What kind of game would be difficult to forger? What kind of game would stay with itโ€™s players? And it lead [...]

What are the actual fucking Rich Kid Problem$?

https://mariabumby.itch.io/richkidproblems I declare this to be the final draft of my blog about Rich Kid Problem$ because I have had enough of prancing around a topic that is severely important.  There occurs a lot of violence from a sheltered, privileged, ruling class. To a point that anything good โ€œtheyโ€ do ends up turning from the [...]

Itโ€™s taboo to hate the family /they donโ€™t belong in Stories

On: Novena for trimming the family tree: https://mariabumby.itch.io/a-novena-for-trimming-the-family-tree I donโ€™t know about you. But for some reason, all the heroes in stories donโ€™t really have parents. Theyโ€™re either downright abusive or useless. Or almost this odd caricature. I know the portrayal of a healthy growing and loving relationship is rare in media. But what about [...]

The Vast Landscape of You

And Our Similiar Territories *An accompanying blog to the game Journey thru the 7 Kingdoms attached or linked herein https://mariabumby.itch.io/the-journey-thru-the-seven-kingdoms Hello, You. I am You. For we are both things with bodies and experience. With families and denials. With inheritance, frustrations and flings. One day I thought - a world building jam. Huh well all [...]

How dow we design Bleed into games mindfully?

This is by all means not authoritative but an important discussion to have, so we're going to have it anyway. "how do we design bleed into games mindfully?" There has been much discussion on the adverse things that could happen when engaging in TTRPG and LARP. This is the reason safety mechanics such as x [...]